Call us: 0151 459 1556

Call us: 0151 459 1556

Available Courses NH and BOF

Our employability courses run on a six week cycle on Thursdays 11:00 until 14:00 for five consecutive weeks, then we have a 1 week break.

To see the next available dates please see below.

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Achieve Your Career Goals: How to get the job you want in 2022

  • Understand your hopes & career aspirations!
  • Overcome obstacles that prevent you achieving goals
  • Become aware of the opportunities
  • Become aware of the support available

Next date: Thursday 14 July 11am – 2pm

Make Your CV Stand Out From The Crowd

  • Recognise which type of CV is best for the job!
  • How to write an effective opening statement
  • Obtain constructive feedback on your CV from industry experts
  • How to turn gaps in your work history into a positive
  • Produce covering letters that complement your CV

Next date: Thursday 21 July

11am – 2pm

Boss Your Job Application: Knowing what the employer wants

  • Searching & applying for jobs
  • Online, tips and techniques
  • STAR Technique
  • Review and check your application forms

Next date: Thursday 28 July

11am – 2pm

Shine: Master interviews with STAR

  • Types of interviews and their purpose
  • Knowledge about the job
  • Key questions and their purpose
  • STAR
  • Obtain feedback from industry experts

Next Date Thursday 4 August 11am -2pm

Making Your Money Work For You

  • Understanding budgeting and it’s benefits
  • Know how to budget
  • Recognise ways to save money

Next date: Thursday 28 July

11am – 2pm