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Call us: 0151 459 1556

Benefits advice

At Raise we understand the challenges that our clients face and how hard life can be managing on very little money.

We know how difficult it can be to know what benefits you should be getting and how confusing the system seems. 

Our expert advisers are here to help you understand your entitlements and help you to claim them.

How we help people

We can help to:

  • Ensure you are receiving your full benefit entitlement

  • Make applications to claim or review appropriate benefits

  • Claim any backdated awards

  • Challenge benefit award decisions

  • Apply for grants for those most in need

We will work with you to fully understand your situation and help you to complete any claim forms. We can discuss your case with the appropriate government department or Local Authority if you wish us to do so.

Raise offers a comprehensive package of support to its benefit clients such as further support with debt issues, money management or back to work employment support and training

Case Study

Client A’s Situation

The client came to us as her daughter was awarded DLA in August 2020 and despite her multiple attempts to inform Universal Credit that she was entitled to both the Child Disability and Carer Element, they had failed to add these to her UC award. This was causing the client serious emotional distress and financial hardship as she felt her numerous attempts to communicate with UC were in vain.

How did we help?

Raise made a complaint to DWP, urging them to rectify this as quickly as possible. Unfortunately despite having sent evidence of the DLA and Carer’s Allowance awards, the DWP continued to fail to put the correct award into payment and requested further communication with the client. The caseworker supported the client in adding notes to her UC Journal and communicated directly with the Complaints Team to ensure the issue was resolved.

What were the results?

As a result of our complaints, Universal Credit amended the client’s award to include both Carer’s Element and Child Disability Element. The client received a total of £4,016.92 in a backdated award, significantly alleviating her financial worries and increasing her ongoing monthly Universal Credit amount by £563.21.